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"AstroBoy AstroRig" by Punk Dad Stills

Embarking from my love for photography and a deep commitment to well-being, Punk Dad Stills captures life on the Mid North Coast of Australia. I focus on light trails and astrophotography, while valuing a simple, barefoot, punk-inspired life.

From alternative beginnings, I've become a digital artist. I believe every composition holds a story worth sharing. As a Support Worker & Creative Mentor, I blend social support and mental health advocacy with creativity.


I aim to create landscapes that captivate and touch your soul. Explore my portfolio for fresh perspectives on familiar scenes, each with its own tale. Contact me for sessions, prints, or to join me on a creative journey. Let's weave imagery, music, and mentorship into a symphony of well-being, fun and art.

Thank you for your message!

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